Singapore’s Robinhood TikToker gives away gambling winnings to those in need

singapore charity robinhood

SINGAPORE – A Singaporean has received recognition for his initiative to gamble for a good cause and donate the proceeds to those in need.

When it comes to casinos and gambling, there is a concept known as the “house edge,” which states that the house almost always wins, leaving compulsive gamblers in the dark.

One Singaporean guy, known as Mave Mason on TikTok, has defied the odds by using a methodical technique to make money from casinos such as Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and sharing his profits with the less fortunate.

He also gives back to others, such as a fan who came out to him for assistance.

The fan became a single mother in 2016 and has a mother who is blind and has bedsores and requires extensive care.

The woman also claimed that her former supervisor had physically abused her.

“Due to her circumstances, depression and stress of paying all the utilities and phone bills, she tried to take her own life,” wrote Mr Mason in a TikTok video on Sept 7.

He then proceeded to MBS and earned S$3,000 in 10 minutes, allowing the woman to pay off her S$2,095 bills.

Mr Mason started with $20,000 and more than doubled it in less than half an hour.

Based on his expertise as a professional baccarat player, Mr Mason’s story teaches the public about safe and smart gaming.


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