Woman Accused of Placing Pillow Over Infant Daughter’s Face Twice

A 34-year-old Singaporean permanent resident has been accused of placing a pillow over her infant daughter’s face twice.

The incident happened when the girl was two months and five months old.

According to CNA, the woman, who cannot be named due to gag orders imposed by the court, was initially charged with a rash act endangering human life for allegedly placing a pillow on her five-month-old daughter’s face in February, causing the child to suffocate.

However, on Tuesday (Jun 4), the woman was handed an amended charge of ill-treating a child under the Children and Young Persons Act.

A second similar charge was also given to her, as per the report.

According to the new charges, the woman is accused of ill-treating her daughter in November 2023 by placing a pillow over the two-month-old girl’s mouth and nose.

Additionally, on Feb 17, she allegedly placed a towel, a pillow, and a blanket over her five-month-old daughter’s mouth and nose, endangering the child’s safety.

The woman appeared in court for a further mention of her case on Tuesday, where she did not indicate her plea, the report added.

However, her lawyer stated that her husband was willing to bail her out. The lawyer previously mentioned that the case involved a young family, with great stress on the family, and that his client was likely to contest the original charge.

The case has been adjourned to July for a pre-trial conference.

If convicted of ill-treating a child, the woman could face a sentence of up to eight years in jail, a fine of up to S$8,000 (US$5,940), or both.

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