13-year-old Girl Says She Is Being Watched By A Creepy Old Man, Asks Netizens For Advice


A 13-year-old girl currently living with her mother alone asked for advice from redditors, the girl said that she is being watched by a old man and he has been loitering around her floor and staring at her window. As her father lives in another country the girl feels uncomfortable and unsafe.

The 13-year-old wants to stop that old man from staring at her some how and here’s what she said and few netizens came up with different suggestions on how to deal with this kind of situation.

Many of the reddit users advised her to report it to police as the ideas she shared at the end of her post are terrible to deal with such cases.

Talk To The Cops :

Terrible Ideas :

Take Picture Of Old Man :

Install CCTV :

Do Not Take Matters Into Your Hand :

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