14-year-old Boy Along With 36-year-old Man Used “Gun-Shaped Lighter” To Rob Elderly Man In Katong Barber Shop, Caught By Police

For their alleged involvement in a robbery at the Katong Shopping Centre, a 14-year-old male teen and a 36-year-old man have been arrested.

CNA reported that at 9.55 p.m. on Friday, the police were notified of the incident at a mall shop (Oct 14).

The two were charged with robbery on Monday after being caught less than 24 hours after their suspected involvement in a case of theft in a dwelling.

Ho Heen Seng, a 36-year-old Malaysian citizen, is the individual who was involved in the robbery.

The teenager, a 14-year-old boy, cannot be named as those below 18 are covered under the Children and Young Persons Act.


The police said they were alerted to the robbery at 865 Mountbatten Road, the address for Katong Shopping Centre, at about 10pm on Oct 14.

After threatening the 71-year-old victim with the gun-shaped lighter, the man and teenager allegedly restrained him and stole the cash.

No one was hurt, according to the police, and the couple departed the scene with the money when the victim shouted for assistance and left the lighter behind.

The pair were arrested within 24 hours. Cash was recovered from them.

The police said further investigations revealed that they were also involved in a case of theft in dwelling at Sims Place on Oct 15 at about 12.30am – less than three hours after the alleged robbery at Katong Shopping Centre.

“A 40-year-old female victim allegedly lost two watches, a necklace and a bag,” the police said.

In relation to this case, a 31-year-old woman was arrested for dishonestly receiving stolen property.

A necklace was recovered from her and seized for investigations.

The teenager and the man were charged in court on Monday with robbery. The offence carries a jail term of between three and 14 years and at least 12 strokes of the cane.

Those found guilty of theft in dwelling face a jail term of up to seven years and a fine.

If convicted of theft in dwelling, offenders face imprisonment of up to seven years and a fine.

The offence of dishonestly receiving stolen property carries a jail term of five years, a fine or both.

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