17-year-old Boy Under Investigation For Touching 15-year-Old Girl Inappropriately At Yishun HDB Block


The Police are currently investigating a 17-year-old male teenager for his suspected involvement in a case of outrage of modesty. Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim and the male teenager are known to each other.


In a news release, SPF said that On 19 March 2022 at about 11.55am they received a report from a female victim who alleged that the 17-year-old male teenager had touched her inappropriately at Blk 263 Yishun Street 22, and fled from the scene thereafter.

Through extensive ground enquiries and with the aid of images from Police cameras, officers from Woodlands Police Division established the identity of the male teenager within six hours of the reported offence, the police said in release.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim and the male teenager are known to each other. The 17-year-old male teenager is currently assisting the Police in investigations in relation to the case, the police added.

According to SMD News, the incident happened at around 11am on Mar. 19 at Block 263 Yishun Street 22. The victim’s 42-year-old father was interviewed by Shin Min Daily News and here’s what he said.

The father said that his daughter was on the way home when she encountered the 17-year-old teen. She was waiting for the lift when he attempted to molest her.

The father told Shin Min Daily that the 17-year-old had grabbed his daughter’s collar from behind.

Image from SMDN

“She was shocked and immediately turned around. She forcefully resisted and screamed,” the father said . After her struggles attracted the attention of people around the place, the 17-year-old gave up and run away.

Daughter Knows Martial Arts :

The girl’s father, who has two daughters aged 15 & 19, told Shin Min daily that he has taught martial arts to both of them. “I won’t let guys get away with whatever they want,” the father told the media.

Police investigations are ongoing.

POLICE REMINDER : The offence of outrage of modesty under Penal Code carries an imprisonment term which may extend to two years, or a fine, or caning, or any combination of such punishments. The Police have zero tolerance towards sexual offenders who threaten the safety of the community. They will be dealt with sternly in accordance with the law.

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