Woman In UK Sues Mom’s Doctor For Allowing Her To Be Born, Wins Millions In Damage


A woman in UK sued her mother’s doctor claiming that she should never have been born and has won huge compensation. The 20-year-old named Evie Toombes took Dr Philip Mitchell to court over his failure to properly advise her mother while she was pregnant.

“Wrongful conception” :

Evie Toombes 20, suffering from spina bifida which is a spinal defect and sometimes she spends 24 hours a day connected to tubes. According to reports from The Sun, Evie is a Showjumper from the UK, she launched the landmark “wrongful conception” case against her mother’s doctor Philip Mitchell as she was born with spinal defect.

Evie claimed that if the doctor had told her mother Caroline that she needed to take folic acid to minimise the risk of spina bifida affecting her baby, she would have put off getting pregnant. Evie took Dr Philip Mitchell to court over his failure to properly advise her mother while she was pregnant.

Judgement :

“And in a unique ruling at London’s High Court today, Judge backed Evie’s case and awarded her the right to a huge compensation payout”. Evie’s lawyers earlier said the amount Evie is claiming had not yet been calculated, but confirmed that it would be “big” since it would cover the cost of her extensive care needs for life, The Sun Reported.

Back in 2001 : Evie’s mother had gone to see Doctor to discuss her plans to have a first baby in February 2001.

The mother said in court that “They had been refraining from sexual intercourse until after they had received advice at this consultation.” But despite discussing folic acid during the appointment, Caroline claimed she was not told by Dr Mitchell of its importance in spina bifida prevention.

Caroline told the judge that the doctor had told her to go home and have “lots of sex”, which she found “somewhat blunt”. “He told me it was not necessary”.

“I was advised that if I had a good diet previously, I would not have to take folic acid”, she said in court.



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