46-year-old Man Falls To His Death While Trying To Escape From Lover’s Husband In M’sia


Extramarital affairs won’t just ruin your social reputation but also harm your mental and emotional health as well.

This case is a reminder for all the married couples out there who are already cheating their partner.

“Don’t do it”.

In a tragic incident, a 46-year-old man fell to his death from the fourth storey of an apartment in Bemban which is a small town in Air Panas Mukim, Jasin District (Malaysia) while attempting to flee from the husband of his lover.

According to reports, local police said that the incident happened on Sunday (June 26), the businessman was trying to climb down the building when he was believed to have slipped and then fell to his death.

“The man from Selandar in Jasin District, Malacca (Malaysia) had allegedly tied a wire rope on the grille of the corridor to scale down the building.”

The 37-year-old woman who witnessed his escape heard a loud noise before realising the man had fallen,” he said on Sunday (June 26).

The woman’s three children were at home when the deceased entered the house,” he said, adding that he had gone over to her house at midnight while her husband was away, according to the report.


DSP Mispani said the husband suddenly returned home at 10.30am on Sunday.

He suspected someone was inside before locking the front grille of his apartment. He said the woman’s husband then alerted the police that someone had trespassed into his home before the incident occurred.

“The body of the man has been sent to the Jasin Hospital for a post-mortem,” he added.

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