47-Months Jail For GF Who Used “Chopper” To Scare BF : Drug Case


A 27-year-old Singapore woman who used a 30cm-long chopper to scare her boyfriend after an argument was arrested and jailed for three years 11 months. The woman named Gladys Li Wen Jing, found to have consumed drugs.

According CNA, 27-year-old Gladys Li was sentenced to three years and 11 months jail after she pleaded guilty to four charges including drug consumption, voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty and carrying an offensive weapon in public.

“Scare Him With The Chopper”

Gladys took a chopper from her flat in Henderson Crescent on the evening of Sep 19, 2020 and went downstairs as she wanted to find her boyfriend to “scare him with the chopper” because they had an argument.

After a resident saw her with a chopper in hand in a car park , the resident called the police. Before the police arrival at the scene she discharged the chopper so they would not see it. After police arrived and arrested her the 30-cm long chopper was also recovered.

27-year-old was again arrested on Nov 2, 2020. Her urine samples were found to have contain methamphetamine and she admitted taking the drug sometime before that date, CNA reported.

Again in Mar, 2021 she was arrested for fighting with her boyfriend with a bamboo pole along corridor in a block of Ang Mo Koi.

Called An Officer “DOG” For Waking Up:

After Gladys arrest she was taken to the regional lock up at Woodlands Division and placed in a cell. Later that night, she started shouting and kicking the door of her cell repeatedly. She was unhappy with one of the officers for waking her up and called her “dog”. When the officer in question entered the cell, along with other colleagues and asked her to put on a mask, she did not cooperate.

When the officers tried to cuff Gladys struggled violently & police officers pinned her down and shifted to a padded cell.

Two Officers Bitten By Her :

As she was un co-operative during the process officers were injured and she bit one of the officer’s hands and forearms, left a bite mark and cut. Gladys also bit another officers hands and fingers which caused scratches and bruises.

Gladys lawyer asked for reduction of 5 months from 47 months jail stating his client had a tough life without the benefit of a full functioning family nexus. The lawyer also said that Gladys parents were divorced when she was 9 and she suffered “mental abuse” from her biological father and “physical abuse” from step father.

“Always the first one to stand up for my friends”, the lawyer read from a letter written by Gladys where she apologised for what she did. Because of her past, parents divorce and abuses she experienced, gladys wanted to give 100% into her relationship as she had no one to share her happiness and sadness with anyone.

Gladys was granted a two-week deferment of her jail term by judge to settle some matters.

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