Amulet Seller Scolds Viewer’s Mother During Facebook Live & Asks Him To “Come Down” : This Is What Happened Next


A Singaporean amulet seller allegedly scolded one of his viewer’s mother during his Facebook livestream and asked him to “come down” when the viewer said his business is a “money tool“.


Mr Vincent Ong is a personalized amulet seller who regularly sells his products via Facebook live and he has a offline store by name Amulet Legacy By H&P.

As we have seen on Facebook the personalized amulet seller Vincent Ong Tian Leng (King of Ninetailfox) was selling his products like as usual via Facebook livestream, and one of the viewer commented “Nowadays thai amulets become Egypt then got ultra man and all really covid making ppl mad..thai culture become money tool”.

We have understood that the Amulet seller got triggered by the above comment and he challenged the viewer to come down & also said “Your mother never teach you is it?”


The above picture was originally captioned as : This amulet dealer really hoiseh le .. can curse and 100% cfm tio 4d and toto lol , like that no need sell amulet or “lucky charm” de cause cfm millionaire hahaha .. ask him question he straight away use mother father name then block hahaha so scared I ask more questions ah lol.. call your self king of 9 tail fox and etc then bless amulet but ask 1 question straight away kcb hahaha joke of the century . Ppl can still buy from him … chailat le ! Huat la “Arjahn” – don’t know king of fox or rat haha !

The FB live video has now been removed from Vincent’s profile. But you can watch videos posted by the viewer below.


When the amulet seller challenged his viewer named Amar Ziaquat during live the viewer took it seriously and went to seller’s place and posted series of videos, where he was seen arguing with the amulet seller at his shop after a lengthy argument between them the police arrived at the scene.

Watch Videos :

Originally Captioned As : Video of ” king of fox lol ” dare to ask ppl to come down and make fun of ppl , U guys decide la lol .. got few parts to entertain u. Mind u I came down alone to his shop not knowing how many ppl were there . LET THE TRUTH BE EXPOSED ! LIVE ALSO DELETED FROM HIM HAHAHA ! – call police call police lol

Part 2 : The Fight Continues

Part 3 : The Fight Continues

Part 4 : The Fight Continues

Part 5 : The Fight Is About To End

Police Arrived At The Scene :


It is unclear about what happened after police arrival but one thing is clear that Mark Zukerberg must be crying today.

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