Anonymous Admin Behind @sgcickenrice Revealed After Nifty Detective Work By Xiaxue


Do you remember the Instagram account that first posted allegations against NOC’s Co-Founder Sylvia Chan allegedly using abusive language towards talents..? Yes, we’re talking about @sgcickenrice.

This whole NOC saga started by @sgcickenrice was an anonymous account, we all still don’t know the identity of the person behind it. But Singapore Influencer Xiaxue has made some nifty dectective work and revealed the guy behind that account.

Xiaxue posted a Tiktok video On Friday 29 Oct, and revealed that according to her influencer Baerendang is behind the anonymous account. In her TikTok video she added some screenshots which are linked to influencer Baerendang.

Big Clue : Profile Picture

According Xiaxue the first video posted on @sgcickenrice had a profile picture of Baerendang & it was removed later and reposted without his profile picture.

Screenshots from Xiaxue’s TikTok Video

There were many other hints shown in the video like he loves cickenrice, uses word ‘bussin’ very often & mocking sylvia in his Tiktok videos during the saga to prove that @baerendang is a guy behind @sgcickenrice.

Brandon Confirms :

As soon as Xiaxue’s tiktok video went viral Brandon (baerendang) confirmed that he is the guy behind @sgcickenrice & he will take full responsibility for his actions, he also said that he will not apologies for speaking up & raising the issues related to NOC saga.

Read his full statement here :


Started in September :


Goal was simple :


There are no heroes in this story :


Ready to take hate & I will not shy away from responsibility :


Images from Xiaxue/Tiktok, Brandon/Instagram

You can watch her Full Tiktok video here :

Watch Sylvia’s Interview with Xiaxue :

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