Biker Who Was Hit By Car In Viral Drunk Driving Accident Is Alive & Recovering


We all have seen the horrific accident video that happened at the junction of Tampines Avenue 10 and 1 last week. We were all shocked to hear about the death of one man, who was actually an artist turned private-hire car driver & he was working as a driver because Covid-19 had affected his livelihood.

A 33-year-old man was arrested for dangerous driving that caused the death of 59-year-old man and 4 others were injured.

The accident involved 4 cars & the 59-year-old was driving white Toyota on the night of 23 December and stopped at traffic light on Tampines Avenue 10.

As you can see in the video, the red Mercedes slams into the white Toyota which in turn crashed into the motorist and taxi. Now the question is what happened to the motorist who entered in last few seconds of the video just before the Mercedes slammed into the white car.

Here’s an update : Thankfully, he is alive and recovering.

Yes, the Motorcyclist is alive. One of his close friend Azly Ahmad took Facebook to share an update on his health because some netizens started spreading rumors’ of his death.

Mr Azly confirmed and said that the rider was on his way to his close friend’s place and this unfortunate incident happened.

Azly Ahmad also shared their live location tracking screenshots before the crash happened.


Here’s what he wrote :

Hey guys. I’m sure most of you have seen or heard about the freak accident along tampines ave 10 that happen about a week ago. The motorcyclist that was the highlight of the video is my very close friend Mahmud Azmani Fikri.

He was on his way to my place but unfortunately he got into this horrible accident.

Need Your Prayers :

He further wrote “I am posting this to update that ALHAMDULLILAH he is ALIVE and recovering as I’ve read many speculations/assumptions that he did not make it. I’m also asking all of you to have him in your prayers that ALLAH SWT gives him the strength and courage to recover and move on from this life changing misfortune”.


Mr Azly also reminded everyone to constantly update their families and friends about their whereabouts especially while driving alone.

Azly added, do get a smart watch with fall detection so your loved ones will be notified whenever something happens.

We wish Mahmud Azmani Fikri a speedy recovery.

Also our prayers and thoughts are with Mr Huang Wenshun’s family, hope god gives them the strength to come out of this loss soon. Mr Huang was a talented painter and teacher, was working as a driver because Covid-19 had affected his livelihood.


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