Boomer Uncle Shoves Toddler’s Stroller & Makes Racist Remarks In Coffee shop


In a shocking incident at a local coffeeshop, a confrontation ensued between a boomer uncle and a young couple after the uncle allegedly pushed their toddler’s stroller aside without permission. The incident quickly escalated into a heated exchange of expletives and xenophobic remarks, highlighting the importance of respecting personal space and promoting racial harmony.

According to a Redditor who goes by u/oktora8212, who is also the father of toddler said that the incident unfolded when a mother, accompanied by her 3-year-old daughter, was waiting in line at the coffeeshop. Sensing the need for extra space due to the stroller, the mother positioned it beside her. However, the boomer uncle, who joined the queue behind her, inexplicably decided to forcefully push the stroller aside, alarming the mother.

Confused and concerned for her child’s safety, the mother confronted the uncle, asking him why he had pushed the stroller without seeking permission. In response, the uncle hurled offensive language, calling her a “f**cking bastard,” leaving her shocked and appalled.

The news of the incident reached the father, who immediately left his office and rushed to the coffeeshop to address the situation. Confronting the uncle, the father sought an explanation for his behavior, only to receive further insults and derogatory remarks.

In a surprising turn of events, the uncle resorted to xenophobia, making assumptions about the father’s nationality and using offensive language towards him. The father, a Malay Singaporean, vehemently asserted his Singaporean identity, pointing out that he was born in the country and had served in the National Service.

Here’s a full conversation of the boomer uncle & the father :

My wife did grocery shopping and brought my 3-year-old daughter along. After which, she went to the coffeeshop nearby to get coffee. Being in the queue with my girl in her stroller, naturally she occupied more space in the queue. The stroller was at her 5 o’clock position.

An uncle joined the queue behind her but for some reason, he pushed the stroller aside. My wife was shocked to see the stroller moving. She looked back only to see the uncle’s hand on the handle pushing it away from my wife.

Wife: “Why did you push my stroller”

Uncle: “Oh, i want to queue”

Wife: “Ok but why push my stroller? Can’t you wait?”

Uncle: ” Shut up you fucking bastard”

I kid you not. My wife just froze and decided not to react and went home and called me. I got furious and immediately left my office and rushed down to confront the MF.

When I confronted him, he said “nothing wrong with just touching the stroller. Never touch your daughter or wife what”.

I also confirmed that he called my wife a fucking bastard because he confessed to it. His reason as to why he said it was because my wife was rude by asking “cant you wait?” Expletives were exchanged.

Out of nowhere, presumably with him not able to say anything else, here comes the xenophobic part:

Uncle: Shut up you f\*\*king pinoy.

Me: WTF, I am Singaporean you f\*\*k.

Uncle: You come here take PR, not Singaporean.

Me: I was born here, pink IC, i did my NS. I’m Singaporean you dumb f\*\*k.

Everything is wrong. I would not let anyone push my daughter’s stroller without informing me or asking for my permission. Would you?

Are boomers devoid of manners? A simple ‘excuse me’ would have suffice.

Also, I am a Malay Singaporean, and with so many Filipinos here, a Malay person could be mistaken as a Filipino. But I don’t think that is something he should point out when race/nationality has nothing to do with what just happened. In no way, did I point out his race or nationality when I was spewing expletives at him.

And the uncle was Chinese. Does he think just because he’s Chinese he can go around throwing xenophobic remarks? Is this an example of the “Chinese” privilege that exists here?

edit: Title should say xenophobic , not racist. Cant figure out how to edit the title.

edit: Am well aware now that this is not ‘Chinese’ privilege. Just plain old xenophobia that could come from any race.

This incident has sparked conversations regarding the lack of manners and respect exhibited by some individuals, irrespective of age.

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