Cat Attacked By Group Of Stray Dogs During Rain In The Midnight, Cat Dies


A disturbing video of cat being attacked by a group of stray dogs is going around online.

A video uploaded by @adminsgfollowsalll on their Instagram account on 24 February, the shows three dogs attacking a cat while it was raining yesterday night at around 2.38 am.

The incident believed to have happened at Tampines St 83 according to the follower who took the video and sent it to the Instagram account. According to the caption there were seven dogs at the scene and attacked the cat.

The follower said “So basically there was barking noise damn loud so i check and i thought it was a dogs fight like dog vs dog, end up around 7 dogs gang up on a cat”. The poor fella died around 2.38am“.

The follower confirmed that the cat subsequently died from injuries, owners arrived at the scene later.


After their arrival the cat was covered with an umbrella as it was raining.

As many of the netizens said “why record & why cannot go and help”, one of the netizens commented : To be honest, it’s not really anyone’s fault nor to be blamed. Those dogs are strays and normally they are not afraid of humans unlike home dogs so helping the cat wouldn’t mean you are helping it but possibly putting your safety at danger against vicious strays.

I guess the cat was there at the wrong time…personally I would also try to help if i could but in situations such as this, no one is able to help. It’s the circle of life, it’s bound to happen at some point, yeah it is very disturbing to watch but we can’t help the cat if we wanted to…it isn’t the peoples’ fault for not helping nor is it the dogs, maybe they just saw the cat as a threat and acted vicious on defense. But yeah still disturbing, rest well little one.

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