CCTV Footage Of Man Stealing Phone From Restaurant Viral, Owner Willing To Forgive If Phone Returned


Man who stole the phone has only 1 day to return it because owner wants to forgive if returned.

When & Where it happened :

A man in Singapore took Facebook to share about the phone theft case, he shared the CCTV footage of man stealing his phone from Sawangwan Thai Cuisine at Yishun Street 21 around 8:05 pm. However, kind phone owner gave him 3 days to return the phone from Friday, 29 Oct to Monday 1 Nov 3pm otherwise he said he will lodge police report.

Watch CCTV Footage here :

Multitasking : Video shows, the was seen unplugging the phone in hurry & also keeping an eye over the counter to check if anyone’s watching him. He took the phone and disappeared from the scene, luckily there is a CCTV to check where the phone went.

“I will Give Him A Chance” :

The owner wrote “I don’t care whether it’s pre-planned or a moment of folly, as long as they (thief) willing to change, I will give them a chance.

Beware of theft : The Owner said that his post is to create more awareness within vicinity of 233 Yishun St 21. Also alerted netizens to safeguard their properties.

Read what he said :

Source : Complaint Singapore

Netizens asked the owner to lodge police report :

Even though owner is willing to give him a chance few netizens told him to lodge police report.


Singaporeans are always one step ahead when it comes to forgiving thieves, we have seen many such cases. Hope the guy learns from his mistake and returns back the phone, because owner is kind and willing to give him a chance to realize his wrong doing.

Original post :

Images : complaint singapore/fb

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