Collar Causes Horrific Neck Wound, Pet Owner Blames Typo Outlet For Labelling It As “For Pets”


A cut on your dog can be scary. Lacerations in dogs, which range from small to large and superficial to deep, can happen at any time.

A pet owner in Singapore took social media to share how one simple pet accessory caused horrific deep wounds on his Dog named Alpha, the owner even said that alpha is going for surgery and because of it’s age factor there is a chance he may not make it.

Alpha is 9 years old now.


The shocking incident was shared by an Instagram account @adminsgfollowsalll where the pet owner shared his story for awareness.

The owner wrote,

I would like to bring up on issue against typo for selling me a pet accessory that damaged my dogi, bought this flamboyant bandana from the typo outlet from novena on the 29th of may and it was labeled “for pets”.

so I assumed it was animal tested.

But a few days ago as I was petting him, blood was on my hands and i was wondering what that was, so I lifted his collar and saw a huge slit on his neck which almost sliced his jugular. the lace of the bandana that i bought was inside his neck.

So my friend and I quickly cut it out, wrapped him up and sent him to the vets asap. please help me spread this 🙏🏼 my dog’s name is alpha, and he’s going for surgery this Friday but due to his age, there is a chance he won’t make it.


The owner further clarified that “the product fit perfectly on him (Alpha)” and he had no problem, this was quite recent.

There wasn’t a trace of blood found around the house and he didn’t make any noise. He only made noise after I pet him, the slash was hidden under his collar and we walk him regularly but he didn’t whimper or anything.


Sometime later the pet owner shared the detailed story of when, where & what exactly happened.


Our dogs are a part of the family, so we go to great lengths to keep them safe. But accidents happen sometimes. Hope all the pet owners keep this in mind before buying any pet accessory.

Dog Behaviourist‘s advice on :

How to Treat Minor Cuts on Dogs :

The most common canine cut is from a scratch or scrape that produces light bleeding but does not require stitches. Clean the area with mild soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin®, and cover it with a sterile gauze pad to help promote healing. Your dog should not lick the affected area.

How to Care for Deep Cuts on Dogs :

If your pet has a deep cut, is bleeding heavily or if you’re unable to stop the bleeding after 20 minutes of applying direct pressure with gauze pads and elevation, then call your vet for advice.

You may need stitches and further treatment including antibiotics. Your veterinarian may prescribe pain medication for your dog. Pain medication can help reduce the discomfort and make your pet more comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable handling a cut, then let your vet handle it. Your veterinarian will be able to administer pain medications or stitches as needed.

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