Conspiracy Theories Emerge Online Following Baltimore Bridge Collapse


In the wake of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, conspiracy theories have begun to circulate online, with some suggesting that the incident was not accidental.

The bridge collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday (March 26), following a collision with a container ship, causing vehicles to plunge into the Patapsco River.

While initial reports attributed the collapse to the ship’s collision with the bridge, social media platforms have been abuzz with various conspiracy theories. Some users have speculated that the collision was a deliberate act of cyber-attack, with claims of lights going off on the ship before it steered towards the bridge supports.

Others have suggested that the incident may have been orchestrated by foreign agents, with one user commenting that the collapse looked “pretty deliberate.”

In response to these conspiracy theories, the White House has stated that there is no indication of any nefarious intent behind the bridge collapse. A White House official expressed condolences to the families of those affected by the incident and assured that the government is closely monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, controversial personality Andrew Tate has also weighed in on the incident, making claims on social media that the ship was cyber-attacked. He asserted that nothing is safe from digital infrastructures being targeted by foreign agents and warned of a potential “Black Swan event.”

The FBI’s Baltimore division has stated that there is no specific and credible information to suggest any ties to terrorism at this time. The investigation into the collapse is currently ongoing, with search and rescue operations still underway. Six individuals remain missing, while two have been rescued from the river.

The vessel involved in the collision, the Dali, is a Singaporean-flagged container ship chartered by Maersk and managed by Synergy Marine Group. The company has confirmed the collision and assured that all crew members, including pilots, are safe.

While the exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation, initial reports suggest a collision with a bridge pillar, causing containers and diesel to flood into the river. Amidst the tragedy, conspiracy theories continue to swirl online, with some speculating about possible connections to China.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are working to determine the true cause of the devastating bridge collapse in Baltimore.


The Singapore-flagged container vessel, Dali, which crashed into a Baltimore bridge on Tuesday, had passed two foreign port inspections last year, according to the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

“In the June 2023 inspection, a faulty monitor gauge for fuel pressure was rectified before the vessel departed the port,” MPA said in its media release.

“Based on records, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore confirms that the vessel’s required classification society and statutory certificates covering the structural integrity of the vessel and functionality of the vessel’s equipment were valid at the time of the incident,” MPA added.

The inspections were conducted in June and September 2023 and did not identify any major deficiencies. The vessel’s required classification society and statutory certificates were also valid at the time of the incident. Dali’s next surveys are due in June 2024.

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