Couple Escaped From Salon Without Paying $238, Said We’ll Come Back & Pay But They Never Did


Miracle Hair Project, a hair salon & beauty shop located in Boon Lay Shopping Centre took Facebook to share the incident happened at their salon 18 Oct.

According to the Facebook post, salon alleged that a man and a woman evaded payment of $238 after going through various services. The woman got her hair rebounding, hair and scalp treatments, while the man had a haircut & bought a tub of hair oil. Together made a bill of $238.

Images captured from CCTV footage :


Excuse : Unable to transfer money

The couple told the salon that they will go and withdraw cash from an ATM because they were unable to make an electronic payment transfer. They never returned even after a day, so salon decided to share their faces on Facebook to alert others from getting cheated by such people.

Their Facebook post has been shared more than 850 times now, even after 2 weeks there is no update of payment.


Refer original post below :


Translation : Give you a day to find that your conscience came back to pay the money but didn’t come back. The more I think about it, the more dissatisfied I do my hair and don’t give me money😡 I just want to publicly recognize the faces of these two people👍

Avoid peers being deceived and become the next victim 😡 Saying that the mobile phone can’t pass the account, say you have to go to the toilet and then go to collect the money😡

I trust you so much⁉️ As a result, you won’t look back when you go.⁉️ Do Rebonding scalp hair care boys cut and buy a can of oil😡 Even if you are so cheap 😡 still want to run away without giving money, where is your conscience ⁉️

If you don’t have money, don’t do it if you don’t have any money. 😡Wasting our manual costs😡$238 is just a lesson for our company.

Lesson : You may have to think twice before letting someone to go out or go to toilet after hair cut from your salon next time.

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