Customer Questions Need to Pay for Takeaway with Self-Brought Containers


It has become increasingly common for food stalls to add an additional charge for takeaways. But the case here is different, read why.

Customers at Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle stall in Geylang are required to pay an additional 50 cents for takeaways, including when they bring their own food container. This practice has sparked complaints from a customer who believes it is unfair.

Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle stall in City Plaza, Geylang is charging an additional 50 cents for takeaways, including those with self-brought containers. Yes, here’s what the owner said when asked about the charges.

This extra charge has sparked criticism from customers who argue that it is unfair to charge for bringing their own containers.

A concerned individual shared a photo of a sign at the stall highlighting this extra charge and questioned its necessity with Stomp.


In response to a query from Stomp, a spokesperson for Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle defended the additional charge. They acknowledged that customers bringing their own containers is a positive initiative for recycling and saving the environment. However, they explained that running an F&B business is challenging, particularly for small kitchen spaces like theirs.

The Spokesperson : “First, I do understand that customer do bring their own container for take away and we should recycle and save the world”.

“But I hope you understand that for the F&B business, it is quite hard for us actually.”

The spokesperson further elaborated on the difficulties they face due to mixed up containers and the necessity of washing them before pouring in the food. They also mentioned the cost associated with providing packets of chilli for takeaways.

“When 10 customers bring their own containers, we do get mixed up and our kitchen space is very small. And we wash the containers before pouring the food in.

“For the packet of chilli we provide, there is also a cost to it.”

“I just hope that they understand the charges that we have. There are customer who do still bring their own containers and after we explain, they do accept it too.”

Nevertheless, the spokesperson emphasized that they do not intend to discourage customers from reducing waste. They hope that customers understand the challenges faced by food stalls and the associated costs. They also mentioned that some customers do accept the explanation and continue to bring their own containers despite the additional charge.

Top right Image via Stomp

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