“YOU GOT BALLS?” Man Asks A Woman For Not Giving Way Along Foot Path


A video of fight between pedestrian and a cyclist has gone viral where the cyclist was seen shouting at a woman for allegedly not giving way to him along a footpath at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.

In a 48-second video which was posted on SGRV Facebook page with a caption “More and more cases of cyclist demanding pedestrians to give way to them”. Cyclist are limited to 10km/h when on pedestrian footpath. In this video cyclist noh abdul share his frustration by calling names, asking for balls at a mother fetching her children whom fail to give way to him.

The video which was shared by the cyclist to SGRV has backfired and netizens slammed him for his rude behavior and few questioned him why is asking a lady that “you got no balls?”




Cyclist : “This auntie is retarded, says I cannot go through.

“Open up your mask, why you scared? You got no balls?”

Pedestrian : “Poses for the camera”

The cyclist continues to argue with her that the footpath is used by both pedestrians and cyclists and asks her “are you an idiot or what”?

When she indicates him to push his bicycle, he says: “What push, push? are you an idiot or what, Go to school, study so hard, stupid.

“Find fault with a food delivery guy, very good.”

The woman walks away from him along with her child to cross a road, he shouts at her: “So you’re afraid, no guts.

Here’s how netizens responded to the video in the comments.

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