Drunk Man Exposed His Private Parts, Punched Police Officer Cause His Father Suffered From Stroke, Fined S$6,100 


A man in Singapore was fined S$6,100 by a court on Wednesday (Dec 21) for exposing his privates in public and using abusive words against a police officer.

According to CNA, Mohr Bjoern Herbert, a German national with Singapore permanent residency, pleaded guilty to three charges of appearing drunk and nude in a public place and using abusive words against a police officer.

Another two charges were considered in sentencing.


The court was informed that on In August 2020, 53-year-old Mohr went out for drinks with a friend at VivoCity. They continued their drinking at MO BAR in the Mandarin Oriental hotel after this. Around 9.30 p.m. the bar manager received word that Mohr and his friend had passed out in their seats due to alcohol intoxication.

He approached them and took away their drinks. 

Mohr refused to leave the bar, and the bar manager had to seek help from his colleagues to escort Mohr and his friend to the hotel lobby. He was uncooperative, made a scene, and crawled around the hotel lobby. The bar manager called the police for help, according to CNA report.


Paramedics were called to the area, along with police officers. They made an effort to get Mohr to get in a wheelchair. Mohr became upset and yelled. He additionally attempted to stand atop the wheelchair.

“When a police officer tried to direct him to the wheelchair, Mohr threw a punch at the officer’s face and lunged forward, brushing his hand against the policeman’s crotch”, CNA added.

The prosecutor sought a fine for Mohr.

Lawyer Sunil Sudheesan also sought a fine. He said that Mohr acted “out of character and was very sorry”.

After receiving a “pretty devastating phone call” that day informing him that his father had suffered a stroke and was being treated in the hospital, the lawyer added.

This led to the drinking of alcohol, as a “maladaptive” way of coping with the bad news, said Mr Sudheesan. He pointed to a psychiatric report that said Mohr was having an acute stress reaction.

The judge considered this and meted out a fine to Mohr.

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