Family Violence Incident : SPF Issues Statement About The Viral Tweet


A twitter user recently made a tweet seeking help from Singaporeans regarding family violence incident where her sister was involved.

In a series of tweets user @jssylm who lives in USA as mentioned in her twitter handle, shared about the incident which is now been deleted from her account. But one of our reader shared the original tweet screenshots with us.

The twitter user living overseas accused Singapore Police of not helping her sister out and asked Singaporeans to Retweet her tweets. As soon as the tweet went viral many users came forward to help and major developments happened, later the user shared a chat screenshot of her sister telling her that she is safe & thanked everyone for their help.

Here’s what she tweeted :







SPF Responds :

In a Facebook post from SPF, the Police said they are aware of several tweets by user “jssylm” regarding an alleged family violence incident and they gave complete report about what all happened.


SPF wrote, When officers arrived, it was established that there had been a dispute and tussle between a mother and daughter over the use of a washing machine. The tussle purportedly resulted in some superficial scratches on the arms of both mother and daughter.

Officers Offered Help :

The officers interviewed the mother and daughter on the incident separately, and offered to call in an ambulance. However, both parties declined any medical assistance. The officers advised both parties not to resort to violence against each other, and to reach out to the Police if the situation escalates.

Officers also spoke to the father when he returned home. The father assured the officers that he would follow up to manage the family issue, and said that he would make arrangements to separate the daughter from her mother if required.

Based on the Police’s records, this was the first time the family had called for police assistance.

The Police maintained contact with the family after the incident. The Police spoke to the daughter over the phone on 30 December 2021 and 7 January 2022, and met her on 9 January 2022 to check in with her on the family situation and her well-being.

The Police also checked in separately with the mother on 29 December 2021 and 6 January 2022. Both parties did not raise any further concerns or issues during their respective engagements, and informed officers that there were no other incidents since officers attended to the family dispute on 27 December 2021.

During the engagement with each party, the Police also suggested that they be referred to a Family Service Centre (FSC) for counselling and mediation. Both parties accepted this suggestion.

Referred to FSC : The Police have since referred the case to an FSC, and a social worker from the FSC has reached out to the daughter. The Police have also provided the daughter with the contact details of a police officer whom she can contact directly, if required.

MSF spoke to the daughter on 5 January 2022 to check in on her situation. MSF assessed that the daughter was not in imminent danger and referred her and her family to an FSC. MSF will work with the FSC to provide the necessary support and assistance to the daughter and family.

User @jssylm gave an update on twitter about the incident and thanked everyone for helping out.

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