Teen With Low IQ Forced To “Drink Urine”, Assaulted By Four People Aged Between 16 to 21


A 19-year-old man with special needs was tortured in a hotel room where he was made to drink urine.

According to Straits Times, the teen was kept in hotel room for over nine days & four people beat him up and forced him to drink urine.

He was found only after his sister saw an online post of him getting abused, and alerted the police. They found the boy in critical condition at Arton Boutique Hotel in Lavender, with slash wounds, chemical and cigarette butt burns, fractures and extensive head injuries.

One of his four alleged tormentors is accused of mixing his Milo drink with faeces, according to court documents, TNP reported.

He also allegedly had baby powder and perfume added to his nasi lemak. It is not stated in the court records whether the victim ate the nasi lemak or drank the beverage.


In court on Tuesday, one of his alleged tormentors, a 17-year-old girl who cannot be named due to her age, was accused of pouring boiling water on him on January 19 at around 8 in the morning when they were both inside the Arton Boutique Hotel on Tyrwhitt Road close to Lavender Street.

She is charged with one count of intentionally hurting the man with a heated object. Her case will now be heard on October 11.

District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan said her offences were serious.

“A person has been seriously injured because of what you and your friends have done… Given your young age, I believe rehabilitation is feasible. But given your personal circumstances, you have to do it in a more structured environment”, said the judge according to ST.

The girl allegedly committed the offence with Muhammad Shahfakhry Mohamad Faizal, 21, whose case is pending, according to TNP report.

Shahfakhry is accused of committing multiple offences involving the man.


On at least three occasions between Jan 17 and 25, he allegedly used a lighter to burn the man’s neck, back and hand. Around the same time, Shahfakhry is also said to have punched, slapped and kicked the victim on at least 14 occasions.

TNP reports that he is also accused of using items such as a dustpan to hit the victim who suffered injuries including facial fractures. On Jan 18, he allegedly slashed the man’s hands and legs with a razor blade.

The next day, Shahfakhry and the girl are accused of pouring boiling water on the man. He is also accused of putting baby powder and perfume into the victim’s Milo and contaminating his nasi lemak that day.

Shahfakhry is also accused of using methamphetamine, among other things. On September 28, his pre-trial conference will take place.


Two others involved in the teen’s torment were dealt with in court earlier.

According to the TNP report, Putri Nuramira Aishah Rosli, 20, was sentenced on Sept 14 to at least a year of reformative training, which involves detention in a centre with a strict regimen that can include foot drills and counselling.

Another teenage girl was also sentenced to at least a year of reformative training in July. She cannot be named because she was only 16 at the time of her offences.

In earlier court proceedings, Deputy Public Prosecutor Selene Yap said the victim has a low IQ.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Selene Yap said the victim has low IQ and before the incident, he was studying at APSN Delta Senior School, which is for students with mild intellectual disability.

He had known members of the group since 2018, but did not know Putri before the incident.


According to court documents, Putri and the others met at the hotel room to take drugs on Jan 15. The victim started staying in the room on Jan 17.

Shahfakhry allegedly assaulted the man soon after. Court documents did not mention any reason for the alleged attack.


The group continued to abuse the man from Jan 17 to 25, during which one of the girls suggested urinating into a bottle of iced lemon tea before giving it to him, according to the report.

He then drank the tainted drink. They stopped assaulting him on Jan 25 when they saw he was in a bad state.

On the same day, the victim’s social worker and younger sister made police reports as he had not returned home.

The police found the victim in the hotel room and the group was arrested. The man, who was in critical condition, was taken to hospital and warded for about 10 days.

The teen was in critical condition and taken to hospital.

He suffered from amnesia, likely due to traumatic brain injury. He also had chemical burns on his face and body, fractures around his eye, cigarette butt burns, slash wounds and cuts around his body.

Teen remained in hospital for around 10 days, receiving nutritional support as he was unable to eat by himself. Court documents did not mention his current condition, as reported by ST.

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