Girl Aged 15, Molested By 17-year-old Boy At Staircase, They Met Via Snapchat

A 17-year-old-boy who molested two 15-year old girls pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual penetration of a minor, molestation and insulting modesty by a word or gesture. Eight other charges will also be considered in sentencing.

According to CNA, 17-year-old boy who committed sexual offences against two 15-year-old girls met them via social media applications.

First girl from Snapchat and other from on Instagram and he committed second offence while his first case was reported to police and it was already under investigation.

First case :

In sept 2020, the boy sent friend request to the girl on snapchat application, the girl was 15 when this happened. She accepted his request & both started chatting. Later they shifted to telegram before they agreed to meet up in person.

At Khatib MRT on Sep 14, the boy asked the girl if she could follow him to meet his friend at Yishun. She agreed and both went to a staircase landing at HDB in Yishun, they sat and chatted, CNA reported.

The boy placed his hands around girl’s waist and girl told him not to touch her, he moved his hands from her waist, before standing up and grabbing her head. He pointed it towards his private area and asked her to perform sex act on him.

17-year-old asked the girl to wait for him as he previously told her that he came here to meet his friend and he left. After sometime he returned with a bottle of liquor.

Drinking Game

They both went to a lift lobby and continued chatting & started drinking, while drinking the liquor he bought they played drinking game where loser had to take a sip from the bottle.

As they continued playing drinking game the girl drank many times from the bottle and as a result of that she felt loaded and wanted to see if she could walk properly. She stoop up to check if she can walk or not and she told the boy that she wanted to go home.

The boy pulled the 15-year-old girl towards him and made her sit on his lap before molesting her. The girl resisted but had no strength to get up, prosecutor said in court according to CNA.

The victim waited for sometime to come back to normal state & told the boy she want to go home. Boy tried to convince her not leave him but she ignored him and left the place.

Few days later she lodged a police report saying she was molested by the 17-year-old.

Second Case :

The 17-year-old picked another 15-year-old while he was already under investigation for his first case. He met the second 15-year-old girl on Instagram in July 2021 & became romantically involved with her, CNA reported.

The pair met and watched movie together at a mall on Oct 2, went back to their home separately. But the girl did not go to her flat as she was afraid of her parents might scold her for being home late, she texted the boy & he suggested her to go to his friend’s place.

The boy came to his friend’s place in the early morning, they lay down on bed together. Later boy woke her up by touching her and they kissed and engaged in s*x acts.

At first the girl pushed the guy away from her when he tried to undress her lower part, cause she was afraid of getting pregnant but the boy convinced her it would not and they engaged in sexual intercourse.

Later girl’s father reported to police about the incident. The 17-year-old will return to court for sentencing next month.

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