GrabFood Rider Allegedly Threatened to be Whacked and E-Bike Destroyed over Spilled Drinks


In an incident involving a food delivery rider for GrabFood, a customer allegedly threatened him after two Gong Cha drinks were accidentally spilled during delivery.

The occurrence took place on the evening of July 2 and was shared by the rider in the Facebook group “All Grab driver/GrabFood rider united.”

According to the rider’s account, he met the customer beneath his residential block at the rubbish chute area to address the spillage. Despite offering multiple apologies and following Grab’s procedures, the customer declined to contact Grab customer service for a refund. Instead, the customer insisted that the rider return to the Gong Cha outlet located in Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, Choa Chu Kang, to purchase replacement drinks.

Adding to the situation, the customer’s behavior was perceived as aggressive, as he allegedly threatened to harm the rider and dispose of his e-bike by throwing it into a nearby bin. Although the rider suggested paying for a new order, the customer adamantly demanded a return to the merchant.

Caught between completing another delivery and having two additional orders to fulfill, the rider contemplated whether to comply with the customer’s request. However, the customer’s rude demeanor made the decision more challenging.

“The customer that wanted whack me told me he used to be delivery food rider before, whenever his spillage he will buy the food/drink back to the customer”, the rider added in his Facebook post.

Fearing for his safety and the lack of evidence should any harm befall him or his e-bike, the rider reluctantly agreed to repurchase the drinks.

Subsequently, the rider sought advice from a friend who recommended calling emergency services. Acting upon the suggestion, the rider dialed 999.

To prevent potential future incidents, the rider requested that Grab permanently ban the customer from the platform, ensuring he would not be able to intimidate or harass other riders.

Following an admission of guilt from the customer, Grab confirmed on July 4 that the customer had been banned from their platform, according to an update on his post by rider.


After a spillage ,I met the customer at the rubbish chute under his block . I apologised to the customer plenty of times & followed grab procedures. The customer kept repeated he die die do not want to live chat refund with the customer service and wanted me to go back to the merchant buy back and deliver to him . ( he was preparing to whack me based on his actions , he told me he will throw my ebike to the bin ; his way of saying he will destroy my ebike on spot ) suddenly his friend came . I offered to pay him to deliver again but he REFUSED . he die die want me go back to the merchant .

On the hand I got one more order to complete and 2 incoming orders which is far so I was thinking whether I should listen to him by buying his drinks back but his way of talking very very duper super rude (xialan) .

The customer that wanted whack me told me he used to be delivery food rider before , whenever his spillage he will buy the food/drink back to the customer .

I was very scared at that point of time & I scared no evidence can capture that I kena whack or my ebike destroy because is at RUBBISH CHUTE new BTO teckwhye building even I was on the call with the grab customer service I do not dare/very very scared to tell her on the spot he wanted whack or destroy my ebike ,therefore I just anyhow agreed to buy back .

In the end I delivered the second order and consulted to my friend what to do . My friend told me just call 999 immediately hence I did.

I requested to the grab customer service to ban him because CONFIRM + chop next time in the future or in the past this thing happened , he terrorised us riders …

His car is the blue color. I really hope this post will get viral and he will learn a lesson .


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