“Green Onion Bae” Summoned By Vietnam Police For Imitating “Salt Bae”


38 year-old man named Mr Bui Tuan Lam was summoned by Vietnam police for imitating world famous “Salt Bae” (Nusret Gokce) in his video.

Mr Bui Tuan is a Beef Noodle seller from Danang city of Vietnam, he was summoned days after a Vietnamese minister was caught on camera eating gold-encrusted steak at the London restaurant, which costs up to £1,450 (S$2,654).

As per the reports from Reuters, Mr Bui Tuan said “The video I made was for fun and for advertising my beef noodle shop. More customers have been coming since I posted it”.

He further said, his intention in making the video, which shows him (Imitating) ceremoniously slicing boiled beef and flamboyantly sprinkling spring onions into a bowl of noodle soup, was not to mock any particular individual.

Mr Bui described himself as “Green Onion Bae”.


Watch Video :


What happened Previously :

Salt bae uploaded a video of himself feeding Vietnam’s Minister, the viral video had generated massive outrage online, many criticized the minister by saying that the gold-encrusted steak cost more than the minister’s monthly wage. Facebook reportedly blocked saltbae hashtag after the outrage, few days later Facebook said it had unblocked the hashtag.

As per reports, police in Vietnam regularly summon activists and people publicly critical of the ruling Communist Party for questioning.

Mr Bui Tuan, who had criticised the authorities on Facebook, said he had been “raising his voice for a better society”, and that police had previously summoned him for a meeting in April, without saying why.

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