Hassan Sunny’s World Cup Qualifier Performance Wins Praise from China

Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny has become a sensation in China after his outstanding performance in a World Cup qualifier on Tuesday (June 10) helped China advance to the final round of Asia’s qualifiers.

Despite Singapore losing 3-1 to Thailand, Hassan made a remarkable 11 saves, preventing Thailand from winning by a three-goal margin that would have seen them leapfrog China in the standings.

As a result, China secured their spot in the final round, thanks to Hassan’s heroics.

Chinese fans have taken to online forums to celebrate Hassan’s efforts, with some even visiting his Muslim food stall in Tampines, where he serves dishes like nasi padang and nasi lemak.

The stall quickly became a hotspot for China fans, with a long queue forming outside and customers eager to snap selfies with the green signboard in the background.

On social media platform Weibo, a video of Hassan saying “Xiexie, China” (thank you in Mandarin) garnered millions of views, with fans expressing their gratitude and admiration for the goalkeeper.

Many Chinese fans have pledged to visit Hassan’s restaurant in Singapore, commending him for his selfless contribution to their national team’s success.

Hassan, who followed his family into the restaurant trade, expressed his gratitude to the Chinese fans and shared his childhood dream of owning his own restaurant.

Despite the disappointment of Singapore’s loss, he has received overwhelming support and appreciation from the Chinese football community.

With Chinese supporters flocking to his food stall and expressing their admiration on social media, Hassan Sunny has truly become a hero in the eyes of Chinese fans, and his impact on their World Cup journey cannot be understated.

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