Heartbreaking : One-year-old Baby Boy Eaten Alive by Crocodile In Front Of Father During Fishing In Malaysia, Video Viral


A recent Facebook video of a father crying and shouting after a crocodile attack went viral on social media platforms. The father was covered in blood and could do nothing but cry because he was so shocked and sad for this reason.


While the 45-year-old father, identified as Moherat was boating along a river, a one-year-old boy was eaten alive and Moherat was gravely hurt by a crocodile. The child was taken from the canoe by the beast when the two were out fishing off the coast of Lahad Datu in Sabah, Malaysia.

According to media reports, the event took place in Lahad Datu, Sabah, where the father is said to have been rowing his two sons’ boat when a crocodile suddenly attacked them.

The father’s body was badly injured, his head and the side of his body had been severly hacked, exposing his flesh. The terrified father claimed that he leaped over and attempted to fend off the animal, but it rapidly swam away beneath the water while holding the boy in its jaws.


According to a statement from the Lahad Datu Fire & Rescue Station, one victim was successfully rescued by the public while the other has yet to be found. The victim who was rescued was sent to the hospital for further treatment.


“Despite the man’s best efforts, he ended up with numerous bite wounds and could not stop his son being dragged underwater,” said Sumsoa Rashid, head of the Lahad Datu Fire and Rescue Agency.

“There are several viral videos showing how the victim was attacked by the crocodile and then grabbed before being dragged to a nearby river.”

The father Moherat returned to the banks with a large gash on his head. According to Rashid, he was taken to Lahad Datu Hospital for medical treatment.

Internet users were incensed by the insensitive questions the recorder asked in the viral video. The recorder said, “Who instructed you to run, now he’s been eaten by the crocodile,” as the father was sobbing and shouting. The recorder accused the father of lying after hearing his version of events.

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