[Heartbreaking] : Teen Boy Hit By BMW In Punggol Dies After 3 Weeks In Hospital


In a shocking update a 14-year boy who was hit by a BMW car in an accident in punggol last month has passed away.

According to The Straits Times, the accident happened while the boy was crossing road at a pedestrian crossing in Sumang Walk at around 11.20am on Oct 10 when the car, a BMW, collided into him.

The 24-year-old driver of the car was later arrested for dangerous driving causing hurt, according to ST.

The police said the boy was taken unconscious to the hospital that day, but died on Wednesday. He died after fighting for life from past three weeks.

The male driver is assisting with police investigations.

A witness described the incident on Facebook, saying that it occurred as the youngster was crossing the street.

He wrote,

“Me and my wife just encountered an accident in punggol… and we got down to check on the victim and there was an eye witness lady who told us what happened, A primary school boy was at a small road junction traffic light with the lady. When the traffic light green man appeared they started crossing and a BMW just hit the boy and the boy hit on the car’s windscreen and fall few steps away, the boy was hurt so badly and he was fighting for his life… When we pass that road we saw the boy lying on the road and with a big crack on the windscreen of the BMW . The medics were giving him treatment… and he was trying to catch his breath so hardly…. Our heart broke seeing that. 😔The boy was not in the wrong. He was just crossing on green man… the BMW failed to slow down and beat the traffic light….. Now the poor boy is fighting for his life… And his parents were not there… how can they take it when they got to know the news…. To them he just went to school like any other day, because of one reckless driver he’s hurt now…. Our heart broken seeing that incident… I really pray for the boy…😢 🙏🏽Hope the parents were informed by now. Guys… please please drive with extra caution please…. All we can do now is pray for the boy”.

Another witness told Shin Min Daily News that the boy appeared to be badly injured after the collision.

“He was covered in blood and was too injured to speak,” he said.

“His breathing was also laboured. Paramedics and the police arrived shortly after.”

According to media reports, the BMW had a large crack on its windscreen.

The witness also told Shin Min Daily that the driver’s hands had been shaking after the incident, before he was handcuffed and taken away.

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