Heartbreaking : Woman in SG Forcefully Drops two-month-old Baby Girl Into A Cot, Baby Suffers Skull Fracture


A 29-year-old accused of causing grievous hurt to a baby by dropping her into a cot forcefully.

According to CNA, the woman was charged on Saturday (Jan 14) with one count of causing grievous hurt.

On the night of January 8 this year, the Singaporean mother is accused of forcibly putting a two-month-old baby girl into a cot.

She is accused of doing this while knowing that the child would certainly suffer great harm as a result.

The court document states that the infant’s skull was fractured, acc to CNA.

“The woman was charged alongside a 31-year-old man, who was given one count of ill-treating the same baby under the Children and Young Persons Act”.

“The man allegedly slapped the two-month-old girl, who was under his custody, at about 1.30am on Jan 5 this year”, CNA added.

Court documents did not indicate the duo’s relationship to each other, or to the child. Gag orders imposed by the court forbid publication of anything that might identify the victim and the accused. The woman and man were remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for medical examination, CNA reported.

Both will return to court on Jan 27.

If convicted of voluntarily causing grievous hurt, the woman can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined. She cannot be caned as she is a woman.If convicted of ill-treating a child, the man can be jailed for up to eight years, fined up to S$8,000, or both.

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