Heavily Pregnant Woman Accuses SDA Of Kicking Her & Running Away At Woodlands


A woman in Singapore is seeking for witnesses saying she was pushed down & kicked by one of the Social Distancing Ambassador (SDA) when her husband questioned why are they (3) taking pictures of their kids playing in playground.


According to Mai Surah, a 9 month pregnant woman the incident happened on Tuesday, 8 March 2022 at about 6pm at Woodlands Ave 1 Blk 536A.

In a Facebook post Mai Surah said, “My husband noticed that there were 3 people loitering at the playground and taking pictures of our children who were playing there. My husband approached one of them and ask him why they are taking pictures of our children. This man (SDA #1) said “nothing concerns you”. and “I will delete them later.” and then shoved my husband”.



They began running away. My husband then took his bicycle to chase after them while I try to keep up. I began taking pictures of them when i manage to keep up after the traffic lights. While I was taking photos, one of them (SDA #3) pushed me down onto the road and I fell on my tummy knowing that I’m pregnant (i am 9 months pregnant) he kicked me while I was lying down trying to get back up, she added.

During this time, a car drove by and honked at us. This happened at about 6:16pm along Woodlands Ave 1 Blk 536A. My husband stopped the man who kicked me and manage to hold him down while waiting for the police.

While the other 2 (SDA #1 and #2) ran away. It turned out that these 2 men and 1 women were SDAs.

I found the pass at the grass patch but we are still unsure if they are REAL SDAs.


Police Report Made :

The woman said that the police report has been made and her baby is alright.

Mai Surah said, police arrived at the scene after 10 minutes. Report has been made and statements have been taken. My baby is thankfully alright although my face was swollen and sustained bruises.

Unfortunately, we did not receive any updates from any source. In order to make a stronger case, we need witnesses and the car that drove by to give their account on what they saw.

I have so many questions regarding these SDAs.

1. Why didn’t they identify themselves when asked? They also did not display their passes. 2. Why are they running away and appear/acting suspicious and violent?

3. Are they allowed to take pictures whenever they like and then delete them later? Who will supervise and ensure that they will delete later?

4. Will there be any disciplinary action taken against them? I hope the authority can shed some light on this.


After the Facebook post went viral and gained more than 4000 shares, Housing & Development Board Of Singapore responded and said “As the Police are investigating, we are unable to comment further and would urge the public to refrain from speculating on the incident pending these investigations”.

Full Statement :

We are aware of a social media post describing an incident involving our Safe Distancing Ambassadors who were carrying out their duties at Woodlands.

On 8 March 2022, three of our Safe Distancing Ambassadors were on patrol and taking some pictures for routine reporting purposes, when they encountered two members of the public. An altercation arose, and our Safe Distancing Ambassadors have since made police reports. Our Safe Distancing Ambassadors wear their passes so that they can identify themselves as Safe Distancing Ambassadors, in the course of their duty.

As the Police are investigating, we are unable to comment further and would urge the public to refrain from speculating on the incident pending these investigations.

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