Husband Blames Wife For Not Getting Pregnant, Calls Her “Useless Woman” & Asks For Divorce


A story of a woman who gets blamed for not giving birth when the doctor said that it is the man’s fault. The woman shared series of chat screenshots on social media that happened with her and her husband and his family.

A Facebook user named Cindy Ong shared chat screenshot that happened with her husband where he was blaming her for “not getting pregnant” and even called her a “useless woman”. From her social media profile it looks like she is a Malaysian and married to a Singaporean.


“I’m going to get a divorce” : After blaming the woman for not being able to give birth the husband continued to compare with cherry (another woman) and said “cherry is better than you”.


Don’t Get Divorce If You Don’t Want To Be Beaten To Death By Me

In another screenshot shared by the woman, the husband was seen threatening wife of “beating her to death” if she refuses to get divorced.


Conversation with her & her “mom”.

The woman captioned the below screenshot “It hurts my heart to see you lying in the hospital. I should have listened to you and didn’t marry him. It’s all my fault”.

“You can’t have a grandson for me”, “leave the marriage”


Conversation with her bestfriend :


In the below screenshot the aunty (looks like husband’s mother) said she will not give jewelry given to her son as a dowry when the woman asked her to give back “gold necklace & bracelet”.

she wrote, I thought about it for a long time, but decided to expose you again, because what you did to me this time was beyond my tolerance!


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