Impatient Buyer On Carousell Scolds Seller For Late Reply, Says ‘Things Touch By Him Are Disgusting’

The Online Market place Carousell is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, well it’s not their fault everytime. This time buyer is angry on seller because he did not respond to him as early as he expected.

Initially, the buyer was seen negotiating the deal but seller refused and said you can find other seller if you can’t wait patiently.

Screenshots from Carousell

Here’s How Buyer Responded :

According to the post on sgfollowsall the seller accepted that partially he was at fault but buyer was really rude and shouldn’t have brought parents & his upbringing in this conversation.

Screenshots from Carousell
Screenshots from Carousell

Seller’s Explanation On Why He Was Rude Initially :

Basically I posted this listing about 2 months ago, to sell the hidden edition of the Tsum Tsum blind boxes. I’ve received multiple texts all Lowballing me for this particular listing, which I have ignored. I’ve already put in the description that I won’t be negotiating as $50 was a fair price for this hidden edition. One box retails for $16.90, so I don’t think I overpriced it either. People who offer me less than $50, I usually don’t reply, and they take it as the right sign that I won’t be entertaining their offers. But this guy didn’t get the hint, so I replied him after he nudged me again. My Carousell notifications did not pop up so I had to check in periodically. As I am also busy with work, I put off replying. Granted I could have replied him a little faster, it still didn’t warrant a response like this from him. It’s something so trivial and he had to bring in my parents and my upbringing into this? Just wanted to clarify that I understand that I am partially at fault as well, I should have been more active in replying. But the buyer really didn’t have to be so rude about it.

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