39-Year-ol Man Fined S$2,000 For “Scratching” Stranger’s Tesla Car At Clementi Car Park, Says He Was Annoyed

A man in Singapore was caught in 4K while he was scratching strangers car.

The 39-year-old man named Hoon Jen Ken was fined S$2,000 on Friday (July 8).

According to TodayOnline, Hoon Jen Ken claimed that he had come across a 36-year-old man on the afternoon of March 6 this year and grew annoyed with the way he was driving his Tesla electric car.

The court heard that several minutes later, when Hoon saw the vehicle parked near Block 379 Clementi Avenue 5, he scratched its right back door with a house key.

All his actions were caught on camera.

The owner discovered the long scratch mark after he came back to his car after half an hour. He then watched video footage from his in-car camera and saw a man damaging his car with an object resembling a key.

He made a police report at Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre and sent his car for repairs.

The total cost of repairing the damage was S$450. Hoon has made restitution of this amount to the car owner, Today reported.

When giving his mitigation plea, he told District Judge Joanne Leong:

“I didn’t know I did something wrong. It was a mistake on my part, it was something I shouldn’t have done”.

He also asked for leniency in the form of no jail time.

The judge noted that he compensated the victim even before he was charged in court, and that the cost of repairs was below S$500 and “relatively low”.

For the offence of committing mischief to which Hoon pleaded guilty, he could have been jailed for up to two years or fined, or punished with both.

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