Man Allegedly Complains About “Noise” During Prayers at Tampines Mosque


A man in Singapore was filmed complaining about the noise made during prayers at a mosque, sparking a brief confrontation before he was ushered out of the premises.

The incident, captured in a 25-second video posted on Instagram page “sgtrendinglah” on Mar. 28, 2024, showed the man dressed in a black shirt and shorts telling mosque-goers to be considerate.

“You all need to be considerate”, the man can be heard saying in video in now removed video which is still circulating online.

As he was escorted out of the mosque’s entrance by another man, the complainant can be heard saying that people did not need to sleep and questioned how many complaints had been made.

People no need to sleep, is it? You know how many people complain already?

You want to talk outside? It’s like… going on, you know? the man said before the end of a short video.

Once outside, he continued his rant, suggesting that the conversation should continue outdoors.

The location and date of the incident were not specified in the video, but online speculation points to Masjid Darul Ghufran in Tampines as the mosque involved.

According to local podcast show Plan B, the man was identified as a resident in the area.

It remains unclear what happened following the confrontation or if the situation was resolved. The video ended as two other men appeared to confront the complainant outside the mosque.

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