Man Asks Prostitute To Be His GF Cause He Is Unable To Find GF From Past 7 Years


Man in singapore earns 2k per month and he is ready to date a ‘Freelance Prostitute’ because he is fed up of finding girlfriend for around seven years through dating apps and speed dating events but nothing worked for him.

A Facebook user named Eugene Ng shared his friend’s story on a public Facebook group Umbrage Singapore, to seek advice from group members.

Eugene wrote “Do you know of any guys who dated a Prostitute”?, How is it like?

Asking For A Friend :

Girls Find Him Boring :

Eugene’s friend is a low income earner who earns around 2k per month, he has tried to find girlfriend for around 7 years through various dating apps but nothing helped.

Some girls reject him for his low income & some probably find him boring and nerdy.

Will you be my girlfriend?

Eugene’s friend knows a Thailand girl who is a Freelance Prostitute & PR in Singapore. He meets her every Sunday. The man tried to ask her if she wants to be his girlfriend.

Her Reply : We can see how is it only when we meet but I need to continue this job (Freelance Prostituition) as I am alone in Singapore. I need lots of money to pay for rental & other expenses.

No Money, No Honey?

The real question here is : How can this man convince her to quite this line? Because even if she works as a waitress salary around 2k plus she won’t be able to manage her expenses because of her current lifestyle.

The man himself earns 2k per month he also cannot affort to pay for her expenses.

What you guys think? He should just forget her and move on?

Read group member’s response:



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