Man Caught Filming 16-Year-Old Secretly In A Lift


Once again you are here to read about a new pervert who was exposed for filming a 16-year-old guy while he was inside a lift.

When & What Happened ?

A video was originally uploaded by @adminsgfollowsalll on their Instagram account on Saturday 6 Nov. It looks like video was sent to them by the victim himself, according to the post a man was caught red handed after he took photos of a 16 year-old when he was in a lift at the bus stop in Holland village.

The video shows, victim confronting a man present inside the lift with him and started scolding him “Why you taking photos of me”, that’s such bullshit “You little piece of shit”, “Why you took photos of a 16 year-old child”, you pedophile.

The masked man can be seen nervous & tensed after getting caught red handed, then started arguing with victim by saying “I did not take the picture” when victim asked him to show his phone. Did he really take his pictures ? If yes, where is the proof..? Watch this video to find out.

[Watch Video] :

Source : @adminsgfollowsalll

Read the complete story here :

“wanted to see the cast on his leg”


Even though the man told the victim that he took his pictures of ‘cast’ on his leg which really makes no sense because the pictures he took were clearly not focused on cast.

The 16 year-old victim was brave enough to confront him and make him take out his phone to show his gallery, he caught him because he knew something was wrong. As a teenager most of the times you become nervous when you see someone acting suspicious In front of you when you are alone, don’t be scared to confront such perverts or you can call police immediately for help.

Police Emergency : 999 ( for immediate police assistance)

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