Man Charged with Stealing Pokemon Cards Valued at Nearly $600


A 22-year-old individual, Fong Jia Wei, has been charged with a series of offenses, including three counts of theft, after he allegedly stole Pokemon cards valued at close to $600 in total.

The incident took place on Tuesday (Aug 8) when Fong was apprehended and subsequently charged, according to report.


The first incident reportedly occurred on May 2, when Fong supposedly targeted a shop located in the Paya Lebar Square shopping mall. Here, he is said to have taken off with a box of Pokemon cards estimated to be worth $212.40. Two days later, another theft allegedly took place at a convenience store on Paya Lebar Road, where Fong reportedly stole a box of cards valued at $110.60.

Continuing his alleged spree, on May 8, Fong purportedly targeted yet another convenience store, this time on Commonweath Avenue. Here, he is accused of stealing a box of Pokemon cards with an estimated value of $270.

The alleged thefts came to an end when Fong returned to Paya Lebar Square on the following day and was apprehended by authorities after they were alerted.

According to court documents, Fong was found in possession of several packets of Pokemon cards believed to have been stolen. As part of the investigation, police officials reportedly seized a total of 500 of such cards.

Pokemon cards, which are an integral part of a widely popular collectible card game based on the animated Pokemon series, have garnered a significant following over the years.

Fong is anticipated to enter a guilty plea in September, according to legal sources. Each count of theft carries a potential sentence of up to seven years in jail and a fine.

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