Man Destroys Neighbor’s Hari Raya Decoration Flowers, Actions Caught On Camera


A Singaporean old man was seen destroying neighbor’s flowers which were put up as festival decoration.

Netizens are bashing this rude old man online for his discourteous act & demanding strict action against him.


A woman named Zizie Caipirinha took Facebook to share her disappointment on the incident that happened on 4 April 2022, where one old man destroyed her Hari Raya decoration Flowers (Orchids) with a scissor and his actions were clearly caught on camera.

The incident happened somewhere in Tampines, the user confirmed in the comments.

The woman wrote on Facebook,

Uncle, you nothing to do ah?!

Early morning bring scissors come outside people house to ruin people’s decorations for Hari Raya? willing to wake up during dawn just to do this?

isn’t this an act of vandalism? damaging people’s properties?


As the post went viral, many netizens expressed their anger in the comments section, where most of them were stressing her to file police report. The post has been shared more than 3000 times.


The user also mentioned in her post that this has been ongoing for every year whenever Hari Raya is around the corner.


As seen in the comments many netizens were asking the original poster to file a police reports because she has CCTV footage as proof of vandalism.

To one of the comments the woman replied that she has filed a police report.


Few hours after the post went viral on various social media platforms, the woman said she received new orchids from Er Li Heng & family and thanked them with a quote “Muslims believe if you do something good you will be rewarded one day especially during this Holy month”.

It is still not clear whether the family which gave orchids is a neighbor or someone from the internet but this sweet gesture is winning netizens heart.


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