Man Falls in Love with Female Prison Officer While in Jail, Sends Postcard To Changi Prison


A 28-year-old Singaporean man, Jee Chai Chai, pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of harassment and committing obscene acts in a public place. The charges stemmed from Jee’s infatuation with a prison officer whom he had met while serving a sentence in Changi Prison.


According to media reports, during his time in prison between 2020 and 2022, Jee developed a romantic and sexual interest in a 28-year-old senior correctional unit officer, despite her not being assigned as his rehabilitation officer.

Ignoring instructions to communicate with his assigned officer, Jee persistently attempted to strike up conversations with her, openly expressing his affection to other inmates and officers.

Concerns for the officer’s safety led to her eventual transfer to a different correctional unit. However, after Jee’s release on June 28, 2022, he resumed his pursuit of contacting the officer by engaging in stalking behaviors.

He made various attempts, such as requesting her phone number from rehabilitation officers, sending a postcard to Changi Prison, and using multiple Facebook accounts to send direct messages, according to the reports.

Jee even waited outside the Changi Prison Visitor Centre in hopes of encountering her.

Despite warnings from the police during an interview, Jee continued his relentless efforts to contact the officer. He made numerous phone calls to public hotlines, including those of the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prisons Service, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, and the Singapore Civil Defence Force, in his persistent quest to obtain her phone number. These calls continued until his arrest on May 5, 2023.

Additionally, Jee was charged with trespassing into female toilets on several occasions between April 21 and May 2, 2023. During one incident at a building in the Kallang Basin Industrial Estate, he entered a cubicle where he exposed himself and engaged in inappropriate behavior while watching pornography on his mobile phone.

A 41-year-old woman caught him in the act, prompting her to seek assistance from a cleaner before contacting the police.

The court proceedings on Thursday were marked by Jee’s interruptions, where he repeatedly mentioned his infatuation with the officer and expressed a desire for concurrent sentencing. However, the sentencing was deferred until July 21 as both the prosecution and defense are seeking clarification on a psychological report provided by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) regarding Jee’s mental state.

To protect the victims’ identities, a gag order has been issued. Jee’s actions highlight the serious nature of harassment and the commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in such situations.

Jee now awaits his sentencing, with the possibility of receiving a Mandatory Treatment Order, which would involve psychiatric treatment at an institution instead of jail time.

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