Man Found Glass Fragment Inside Tiramisu Bought From Awfully Chocolate, Luckily Did Not Swallow


The desert was bought from Awfully Chocolate outlet located in JEM mall, Jurong East.

Tiramisu is a coffee-flavoured Italian dessert, It comes in a glass container with sealed plastic lid. While enjoying the desert he found something really awful.

This incident will surely make you think before you buy food that comes in glass containers.

In a Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Monday 10 Nov, Singaporean named Alwyne Cheong, shared this Awful experience. Luckily, he became alarmed when he found blood inside his mouth and discovered that there was a fragment of glass inside which cause tiny cut on his tongue.

Have to be careful next time.


Report Made :

According to the post many users suggested Alwyne Cheong to report about the incident to to SFA (Singapore Food Agency) and he responded that he has already made a report to SFA.

Awfully Chocolate is yet to respond about the incident.

Hope you guys check before you eat anything from outside and avoid buying food that comes in glass containers. Luckily Alwyne found it when it was in his mouth otherwise he would have swallowed it and glass piece may have caused more serious injuries inside his body.

SFA Hotlines Contact Centre (General enquiries and feedback) : 6805 2871

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