Man In Sri Lanka Went To Fly Kite With His Friends, See What Happened Next [Viral Video]


Festive kite-flying turned terrifying for this man from Sri Lanka who went to participate in country’s popular festival sport Thai Pongal.

Kite flying, a traditional sport played on Thai Pongal, is enjoyed by locals in Sri Lanka. During the festival, colourful and various themed kites are made and flown by people of all ages.

According to the online reports, the shocking incident took place at Point Pedro in the Jaffna district of Sri Lanka.

What happened ?

As a part of festival sport many groups went to Fly kite where this group of six men were trying to lift a large kite tied to jute ropes.

As they began to glide up, the man tried to bounce while holding onto the rope after the rest of the team slowly let it go except the man who tried to bounce. But the large sized kite began to rise quickly and in few seconds he was at least 30 feet above the ground and seen hanging by a rope in the air. His team members began to shout, asking him to leave the rope before the kite began to climb higher.

In The Air :

The man, identified as Mr Manmohan, he was later admitted to hospital. He sustained minor injuries, later he said that he was pulled into the air as he had no idea that his team had let go of the jute line. He added that he didn’t look down even once after he was airborne and he let go of the rope only after his hands became numb.

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