Man Leaves ‘Contact Me’ Note For Owner After Crashing Into His Parked Car


Honesty means doing things that are morally right. When one is honest, it means they’re truthful, trustworthy, sincere, loyal and fair. This Singaporean is a an example of all these qualities.

A reddit user @hermjeral shared this wholesome story of a honest man who damaged his car’s bumber and left a note “Please contact me regarding your front left bumper”. He could have just escaped but he did not which impressed the car owner and he shared it online to praise the bike rider.

The user wrote,

My wife went to get the car and saw a note. Front left bumper was hit and the person actually left the note with his contact.

Thank you, for doing this. You could have just driven off.


I made a call to this guy and he told me he has already saw a crack on the bumper and he has taken pics and contacted his insurance for this matter. He also told me, he was riding his bike and skidded because the car park was very wet from the rain yesterday.


Him and his bike are all okay. No injuries, no real dmg to his bike. For his honesty, I’m gng to try and settle privately if it isn’t too expensive!

Like the owner said, rider could have just drove off but he decided to act responsible and left a contact note for him to settle the issue which is actually praiseworthy.

Many reddit user praised the rider and the owner for understanding rider’s part of the story.

Another user shared similar experience :

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