Man Molests 12-year-old During Sleepover, Pulls Down Boy’s Pants To Take Pics For “Memories Sake”


A 41-year-old man named Neo Shenghua Kevin is convicted of three charges of outraging the boy’s modesty, insulting his modesty and voyeurism in court on Monday (Feb 20).

On Monday (Feb 20), Neo, a taekwondo coach, was convicted of all three charges, which included outraging the boy’s modesty, insulting his modesty, and voyeurism, after conducting his own defence, according to Channel News Asia.

Neo was 39-year-old at the time of the offense.


The prosecution claims that Neo, met the victim in the middle of 2020 while playing badminton close to the victim’s residence. Following a game of badminton, they would “hang out” and became friends.

The youngster shared a home with his mother, a person who delivered food, and a different tenant. The boy and his mother did not get along, and his father did not reside with them.

After finishing his primary school leaving exams in October 2020, the victim met Neo.

Neo unexpectedly asked the victim if he wanted a sex act while they were crossing the street to get a badminton racquet.

The 12-year-old immediately said “no” and testified in court that he was “weirded out” by this question as it seemed “gay”, CNA reported.

Afterwards, he convinced himself that Neo was joking and continued to let Neo stay at his house. The victim was molested by Neo during a sleepover on October 13, 2020, and Neo woke him up.

The victim was horrified when Neo made a joke about the victim’s body parts, calling it “funny.”

Neo said “for fun” when the victim asked him why he had done it when the victim’s mother arrived home carrying food.

“Memories’ Sake”

The victim initially held off telling his mother what had happened, instead communicating with his friend and neighbour.

Afterwards, he mentioned to his friend that he was considering informing his mother what had happened and reported it to the police.

His friend first assumed it was a joke because he felt Neo was a “nice person,” and he advised the victim not to rush the situation or call the police until there was more clarity.

The friend realised the victim was telling the truth, though, after speaking to the victim in person and observing that the victim had red eyes and appeared afraid.

On the suggestion of his counsellor, the victim ultimately filed a police report.

The phone belonging to Neo was taken away after his arrest. His phone had one obscene video and a total of 39 obscene pictures. 5 of them showed the victim sleeping . In four of the pictures of the youngster sleeping, his privates were visible.

Neo acknowledged removing the boy’s pants in his police statement in order to shoot the pictures for “memories’ sake.”

When questioned if he had taken pictures for his own fantasies, he replied “probably” and that it had been a “sudden impulse”, according to CNA report.

“I don’t have many friends.”

Neo was in his own defence at court. He claimed that he hadn’t touched the youngster with his finger and that he had instead used a pillow. The boy immediately woke up, the man claimed, and he threw the pillow aside because the boy’s privates were “moving.”

Neo claimed that he was easily startled by jump scares even when he watched horror movies in response to the prosecutor’s remark that there was no need for him to act in this manner if his actions were innocent.

He also suggested that the boy may have been dreaming & gave the “Inception” movie reference.

He told “Like some of the movies, you see like Inception, the people sleep, but actually they’re asleep for only one hour, but in the dream they’re moving around like one week or something, so what he could have seen in that short time, might have been a very long dream for him … could be long enough for him to mistake it as true.”

He said that he had questioned the boy about the sex act as a inside joke.

He had earlier shown the boy a “comedic” video in which a man getting a massage had a “happy ending” and danced.

Before performing the dance, he indicated they would both ask each other whether they wanted sex acts.

Neo further claimed that he had taken the pictures of the boy to show to him that he was following by his promise not to touch him ever again even though he had the opportunity to do so.

He claimed that in the end, he decided against revealing the boy the pictures since he was aware that doing so would cause their friendship to end.

He said he wound up not showing the boy the photos, as he knew that if he did, their friendship would be over, CNA added in its report

“I really don’t want to lose a friend,” he said in court.

“I don’t have many friends, he added”.

The victim was a simple and honest witness who could not believe why his friend Neo would do this to him, according to the judge.


The boy’s text messages to his neighbour supported his account and reflected his feelings.

She disagreed with Neo’s claim that the victim had thought the pillow was Neo’s finger.

She claimed that while the video Neo showed the youngster had funny parts, it also had openly sexualized material.

“The fact that a (then) 39-year-old man would show such a video to a 12-year-old boy is to me telling of that man’s intentions, despite the accused’s attempts to portray himself as a childish person at … the level of a 12-year-old boy,” said the judge.

“There’s clearly nothing innocent about … his intentions.”

There is obviously nothing innocent about his motives, said the judge. Next month, he will return to court for punishment and mitigation. Four further counts against him will be handled separately.

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