Man Punches Girlfriend’s Face, Kicks Her Stomach Because She Refused To Have S*X With Him For Religious Reasons


A 22-year-old man pleaded guilty on Thursday (Jan 26) to one count of voluntarily causing hurt to a person he was in an intimate relationship with and a second count of voluntarily causing hurt.A third charge will be considered in sentencing.

According to CNA report, gag order on the victim prevents the publication of anything that might identify her, and all parties’ names were redacted from court documents.


The man & the victim both were in their 20s when the incident happened. They were in a relationship since 2018.The victim visited the accused’s home on August 16, 2020, where they watched a movie in the bedroom.

According to the prosecutor, they started getting close physically and the accused wanted to have sex with the victim.The victim, however, declined and stated that she did not want to have pre-marital sex due to religious reasons.

They got into a fight a short while later over the victim’s religion, which was not mentioned in the court filings. The accused snatched the victim’s religious book and tore out a few pages in a rage-filled moment. The victim retaliated by tossing the accused’s phone to the floor.

As the argument heated up, the defendant punched the victim in the face, tried to choke her with both hands, and kicked her in the stomach.The accused became irate and struck the victim twice in the stomach before shoving the back of her head against a wall when the victim indicated she had a video clip of the incident.


The victim escaped and later sought medical attention for grazes on her neck and finger. She declined medication and was given three days’ medical leave.

When she reported the assault to the police, the suspect was detained by police and later released on police bail. The couple separated in November 2020. The accused repeatedly went to the victim’s residence to try to talk her into making amends despite her attempts to avoid him.

The accused visited the victim’s home on November 17, 2020, but she was unwilling to speak to him. He awaited her arrival at a bus stop.When he saw her, he tried to convince her to start dating him again, but she refused.

When the victim’s bus arrived, she attempted to get on, but the accused grabbed her arm forcefully and stopped her.


Five days later, the defendant went to the victim’s class in search of her and invited her to study in his home. As a result of her fear, she eventually consented, according to the prosecution. He brought up their relationship when they were studying in the accused’s home, but the victim refused to get back together with him.

The accused slapped the victim on the cheek as they got into an argument.The victim filed a second police report after this one because the accused kept texting and calling her.

The prosecution asked for three to five weeks’ jail for the charge of voluntarily causing hurt to a person he was in an intimate relationship with. She left the sentence for the other charge to the court.

She claimed that the victim’s refusal to have sex with the accused was the reason for the attack.


“Instead of respecting the victim’s desire to abstain from sexual intercourse, he flew into a rage and tore the pages out of her religious book before taking his frustrations out physically on her,” she said.

The prosecutor said the accused’s conduct was “reprehensible” and against a vulnerable victim whom the accused was in an intimate relationship with at the time.

He also targeted the vulnerable parts of the victim’s body, punching her face, strangling her neck and kicking her stomach, the CNA report added. The accused’s second set of offences were committed while on police bail, said the prosecutor.

According to CNA, the judge called for a probation suitability report and adjourned the case to February.

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