Man Steals Charity Donation Box From Supermart, CCTV Footage Viral


Police report has been made.

Angel Supermart located at Block 110 Yishun Ring Road recently took Facebook to share about the theft case happened at their mart, the mart shared CCTV footage of man stealing ‘Charity Donation Box‘ from their Supermart. The incident believed to be happened at around 6:45 am.

According to the post “A Sale of alcohol was rejected by the staff because of no alcohol policy between 1030pm – 7am. The donation box stolen from supermart was a part of “Pay It Forward” Project, where customers had generously contributed money.

Video shows the man taking the charity box & hiding inside in a matter of seconds. He was carrying a red plastic bag.



Police Report Made :

According to an update on Facebook post made by Angel Supermart, a police report has been made.


Please Contact : If you have any tips leading to the identification of the man in CCTV, you can contact the owner. The man was wearing grey long sleeve dark blue collar shirt & long jeans, black slippers & a dark blue colour cap.

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