Man suffers serious injuries in Bukit Panjang after metal rod falls from rooftop


A 57-year-old hawker, Woe Weng Chai, was left with a fractured skull and a broken shoulder after being struck by a metal rod that fell from the roof of Block 434 Bukit Panjang Ring Road.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of March 30 as Mr. Woe was walking along a pathway in the Bukit Panjang Housing Board estate. Images were shared showing a man receiving medical attention from paramedics, while blood could be seen on the ground in the aftermath of the incident.


As per the ST report, there was a loud clanking sound before Mr. Woe fell to the ground with blood streaming down his face. The rod had rolled off the rooftop where workers were preparing for the installation of safety barriers as part of the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) upgrading works.

Mr. Woe, speaking in Mandarin to The Straits Times, described how the sound of metal hitting the ground caused him to feel lightheaded and afraid that his life was in danger.

“I was terrified I would lose my life”, he added.

Mr. Woe’s wife quickly called for an ambulance and the police, who arrived at the scene at approximately 3:10 pm. A 21-year-old man was arrested for a rash act causing hurt, and investigations are ongoing.

The injured man was rushed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital where he underwent surgery to insert two metal plates into his broken shoulder. The contractor involved in the incident has assured that they will cover Mr. Woe’s hospital bills under their insurance policy.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) expressed their apologies for the incident and stated that they, along with the contractor, are cooperating with authorities in the ongoing investigations.

“We apologise for the unfortunate incident and, together with the building contractor, we have visited the injured man’s family in hospital and spoken to them to offer our assistance,” said HDB in response to ST queries.

Mr. Woe’s nephew, Leow Yi Bin, emphasized the need for heightened safety awareness during HIP projects, urging residents to remain vigilant.

According to Mr. Woe’s nephew, Mr. Leow Yi Bin, who was not present at the incident, his uncle sustained a fractured skull and needed stitches for a deep cut on his forehead. Mr. Woe also underwent a surgical procedure in the early hours of March 31, during which two metal plates were implanted into his right shoulder, which had fractured in two locations.



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