Man accused of calling for Ex-Presidents’ death on Instagram, now accused of insulting judges


Vickreman Harvey Chettiar, 33, who was previously charged for threatening former President Halimah Yacob, has now been handed eight new charges related to abusive behavior towards two District Judges of the State Courts on Thursday (May 23).

Vickreman has been issued eight additional charges, four of which pertain to his behavior towards two female judges, wherein he referred to them as “judicial prostitutes”. This brings the total number of charges against him to 12.

Vickreman was initially charged for making threats of bodily harm towards Madam Halimah on social media.


Vickreman is facing four charges under the Protection from Harassment Act for verbally attacking the District Judges, two charges for missing court appearances, one charge for falsifying evidence, and one charge for using criminal force at a hospital, according to CNA.

One of the incidents involved Vickreman allegedly making a FormSG submission to the State Courts on Feb 28, where he called the judges “judicial prostitutes”.

On March 1, he reportedly sent an email to someone in which he verbally attacked the judge, saying that she “deserves to have her face smashed in and her lips sewn shut”.

The following day, Vickreman allegedly sent an email targeting the same judge, referring to her as a “judicial prostitute”, the report added.

On March 8, he made a call to the police hotline and threatened to harm the judge by saying, “I am going to find (the judge) and I am going to smash all her teeth in, slash her face off and stab her in the eye”.

Furthermore, Vickreman is accused of failing to attend court on two separate occasions and of pushing a person at National University Hospital.

Vickreman reportedly claimed that he contacted the police hotline on March 8 to report that his email had been hacked, as stated in his police report submitted by his lawyer to oppose the revocation of his bail.

Court documents show that Vickreman has been in custody since April 6.

The pre-trial conference for his case has been scheduled for June 10.


Vickreman was previously charged for making a social media post that threatened bodily harm to Madam Halimah. The post, which was allegedly posted on Apr 30 on his Instagram account, suggested violent actions against the former president.

In addition to this charge, he also faced three other charges, including flipping a marble table in the Supreme Court in 2020, publishing the address of an alleged male assailant in 2021, and using threatening language towards an investigation officer from the Singapore Police Force in 2021.

If convicted of the charges related to abusive communication towards the judges, Vickreman could face a year in jail, a fine of up to S$5,000, or both. The charges for making threatening communications could result in a similar punishment.

The penalties for the various charges Vickreman faces range from fines to several years in jail. If convicted of giving false evidence for a judicial proceeding, he could face up to seven years in jail.

Top left Image via vickreman/Instagram

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