Man Who Sexually Assaulted Two-Year-Old Girl in Pre-school To Face 3 More Similar Charges


A former cook at a preschool, who has already been accused of molesting a toddler, is now set to face three more similar charges.

The 59-year-old Malaysian, and Singapore permanent resident, had been initially charged on December 6th with molesting a two-year-old girl in her diaper on November 9th at the preschool.

Following his arrest, the accused was assessed at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), where he was diagnosed with paedophilic disorder.

Due to a gag order preventing the identification of the victim, as well as the location of the incident, the accused cannot be named.

According to CNA, the 59-year-old appeared in court via video-link from his place of remand, the accused requested to speak in English. The police prosecutor stated that the case was not ready for trial, as further investigations and coordination with the Attorney-General’s Chambers were required. The prosecutor requested that no bail be offered to the accused, to which the defense did not object.

The case has been scheduled for another hearing on February 21st.

After the news came out in December last year, Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) confirmed that the accused had been dismissed from the preschool and would be prohibited from working in the preschool sector while the investigations are ongoing.

The ECDA also mentioned their practice of conducting background checks on all staff, including non-teaching staff, before deployment to preschools.

If convicted of molesting a minor, the accused could face a maximum prison term of five years, as well as a fine. However, due to the accused being over the age of 50, he cannot be caned.

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