Man Who Slapped Elderly Pedestrian For Asking “Why he was driving so fast?” Fined In Court


A 37-year-old man in Singapore was fined S$3500 for slapping elderly pedestrian because he shouted at him & asked him why is he driving so fast.

According to Channel News Asia, Adrian Low Kim Chye, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt. A second charge of using threatening behaviour by holding a long torchlight during the altercation was considered in sentencing.

What Really Happened :

The court was informed that at around 7.35 am on May 17 of last year, Low was driving a vehicle in the parking lot outside Block 206, Hougang Street 21, next to Heartland Mall.

Low had planned to eat at the neighbouring food centre with his companion. The 73-year-old victim was in the parking lot along a bend, standing on the road next to a kerb.”

Low drove around the bend and honked once as he was rounding the bend”, according to CNA.

The victim, who was on the sidewalk, lifted his right hand and yelled at the approaching vehicle, “Why do you drive so fast?”

Low assumed that the victim may have hit the car when he heard a “bang” sound coming from inside it as he drove by the victim. Low halted his car and approached the victim holding a torch.

The two men yelled and scolded one another.

“You hit me la,” the old man yelled during the argument.

Low then gave the victim a slap on the left cheek before walking away.

Despite experiencing pain after getting slapped by Low the elderly victim chose not to seek medical help.

A bystander who saw the situation phoned the police. Because the victim was an older person who was vulnerable, the prosecution demanded that Low pay a fine of at least S$4,000.

He cited a previous High Court decision in claiming that this case was not strictly speaking a “road rage” matter.

In that ruling, the court declined to label a prosecution as a road rage offence because the harm was inflicted in reprisal for the victim’s act of striking the accused’s car, not in response to the two parties’ joint usage of the road.

The prosecutor stated that rather than a shared use of the road, the accused had hit the victim in this case because of their verbal altercation and the victim’s oral challenge.

A three-year maximum jail sentence, a $5,000 fine, or both may be imposed as punishment for intentionally hurting someone.

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