Minister K Shanmugam Refutes False Allegations Circulated on Social Media


In a recent development, Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam, has come forward to address and counter false allegations that have resurfaced on social media platforms.

The Minister took Facebook to clarity the allegations, which pertain to an alleged post by an imposter posing as his ex-wife, Jothie, have been denounced by both Mr. Shanmugam and the actual person involved.

Several years ago, a post had surfaced in which a person impersonating Jothie, Mr. Shanmugam’s ex-wife, had made vile and untrue accusations. The Minister has clarified that Jothie had no involvement in the creation of the post and had explicitly denied its authenticity.

This incident had previously been left unresolved, but given the recent recirculation of the post, Mr. Shanmugam has decided to take decisive action.

Mr. Shanmugam has expressed his intention to file a police report, addressing the matter formally this time. His decision to pursue legal avenues comes as a response to the deliberate recirculation of the damaging post. The Minister has chosen to address the issue head-on to ensure that the truth prevails and false narratives are put to rest.

Additionally, rumors have surfaced regarding an alleged affair with a Member of Parliament (MP). Mr. Shanmugam has vehemently refuted these baseless claims as well. Recognizing the potential harm that such rumors can cause, he has enlisted the support of his legal team to examine the situation thoroughly. The Minister is also considering other avenues to address these allegations and protect his reputation.


In light of these developments, Minister K Shanmugam’s firm stance against false information and his commitment to confronting baseless allegations have come to the forefront.

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